Decorating the house for autumn

Autumn is probably my favorite season to decor the house. I have a true passion for autumn foliage and I usually take holidays at this time of year to visit beautiful gardens or arboretums. This year, I went to the Costwolds  and even though it was a little bit too early, I still could witness beautiful maple trees changing colors. 

My Paris apartment is not big so I can’t really decorate the way I do in the countryside, i.e with huge branches and pumpkins on Medicis vases… But I buy apples and pears and put them in handmade baskets. I also add a bouquet of viburnum flowers and one or two small fake wreaths. 

In the countryside, that is an entirely different story. I forage a lot in the woods nearby, I make my own wreaths, add a fake one which I love very much with beautiful orange colors. And my Mom and sister-in-law also add their own decor. It is a maison de famille after all. And surprisingly, although we have different taste, we manage to make it coherent somehow. 


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