Holiday tablescape: a traditional and rustic Christmas


I’m writing this post from the kitchen table in the French countryside. It’s morning and starting to light up with mist and drizzles – everything I like – and I take the opportunity to watch a red squirrel frolicking over the hedge. The house is quiet and I’m waiting for more light in order to take photos of my new holiday tablescape.

I chose to set up this table with a traditional and rustic Christmas theme.


I love traditions, especially this time of year. They bring comfort and joy and allow strong bonds to be built among family members. We have our own traditions of course – old and recent ones – but I’m always very curious to know other people’s. It is without doubt the reason why I often wander in the evening around town to look through the neighbors’ windows to see how they’ve decorated their homes for Christmas. I’m always delighted when I see people bringing their tree home towards the end of November (not very common in France) or when I see wreaths hanging on their doors and the windows (not too common here either). It is my Anne Shirley moment: I feel like we understand each other without knowing one another.

During these walks, we can also see some surprising holiday decor but as my mother rightly says « any tradition is good to take at Christmas ». We should use every nook and cranny of our imagination. That is probably why it is a season that makes us feel so good, a season that offers us a joyful and welcome rest, thus breaking with the routine of our daily lives. For me, Christmas will always be celebrated in a warm cozy and colorful atmosphere. I like the comforting feeling that a traditional Christmas provides. If only we had snow here!

I need my share of red and green combined with wooden elements and tartan as well as some vintage décor. After my first festive table of the season whose theme was “A Christmas Tale”, this tablescape plays more with the codes of the holidays. However, you’ll see almost no golden decor as it looks too flashy for me. I like anything that looks rustic so I play this up a lot.

This is the reason why I’ve chosen plates that remain in this traditional Christmas spirit in the French countryside. The illustrations on the plates are quite well adapted to the theme. To honor the tree of the season, I’ve placed small branches of fir between the plates. Not only do guests appreciate the fact that nature comes to the table, but depending on the variety of fir you use, there will be a nice forest fragrance. Add a little holly or mistletoe to brighten up the table and also bring good luck at the same time! If you want, you can very well use elegant china with festive illustrations or patterns for a more sophisticated table.


Initially, I had wanted to make a garland as a centerpiece. But, if I used other decorative elements, it would become overdone. Instead, I’ve arranged a line with all the decor that represents Christmas to me. Here are little gifts wrapped in tartan, fir-shaped candles, wooden trees, big baubles to which I’ve added a tartan bow. 


And, as is often the case with my tablescapes, I have lots of candles. The placemats enhance the table and bring a little sparkle. I’ve simply cut them in the length I wanted as it originally was a table runner. Complete the whole look with natural elements and you will have a lovely Christmas table for your loved ones!


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