The best French summer essentials

French summer essentials

L’été has arrived a month ago already and that means that French women have switched over their summer wardrobe. Here are 5 essentials every française cannot spend summer without.

1. A FRENCH CABAS • It is highly probable that at least one out of two French woman owns a cabas. It is the typical, non-expensive bag she carries when she goes grocery shopping or to the market. Very practical and big enough, it is the perfect size and style. Because, trust us, it IS stylish. 2. A PAIR OF BOLD (FRENCH) SUNGLASSES • Of course, these do not have to be Céline but having a nice pair is not a bad idea. To protect you from the sun, bien sûr… And they look really nice with a loose bun. 3. A PAIR OF ESPADRILLES • Stripped or not, it does not matter as long as your feet are comfortable. It is a very French basic and you will never be out of style wearing those. I mean, doesn’t Chanel have them too? 4. AN ELEGANT STRAW HAT • As a French woman, what is the point in having a hat if it is not elegant? As usual, the simple the best. 5. A MARINIÈRE (BRETON SHIRT) • Also another basic, it looks really chic with all the items we’ve mentioned above. But try it with a pair of white jeans, brown-leather sandals, a touch of lipstick and a few discrete gold rings and voilà!

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