petit bouquet tulipes jardin small tulip bouquets-1

A small bouquet of tulips from the garden

Since the beginning of March, time has flown by so quickly that I haven’t been able to take a minute to tell you about this year’s tulips. I planted some new varieties last autumn, and would have liked to tell you all about them at the beginning of April. But I’m planning to write a full post, compiling lots of useful information on how to plant tulips, which varieties to choose to make pretty bouquets… next autumn.

In the meantime, I found some time to make a few bouquets last weekend, in order to enjoy these beautiful flowers before they disappear and are replaced by new variety of flowers that will soon take over! So here’s a colorful mix of tulips from the garden, in warm, bright tones. I chose two modern vases that can either be placed on either side of a rectangular table, or each bouquet can be placed on a bedside table in a bedroom. I like having a tiny bouquet next to my lamp and books for a very country feel when I go to bed.

When planting tulips, choose varieties and colors that complement each other well. Here, I’ve selected a lily-flowered tulip such as Sonnet, and a double Orca tulip that both hold up well in a bouquet and last a long time in the garden. You can also add small branches or « filler » foliage with an airy appearance in a pretty soft green to bring softness to this simple floral arrangement!