French pastries, patisserie, gourmet

TARTE À LA FRAMBOISE • A true classic best with seasonal fruits. OPÉRA • A favorite of mine. It has a very strong coffee flavor, buttercream, rum and a delicious dark chocolate topping. TARTE AU CITRON MERINGUÉE • Perfect cake with lemon curd and a crispy meringue topping. Eat this cake when it is really hot outside but beware, it is quite sweet. LA MAMMA • Made by La Grande Épicerie de Paris. Milk chocolate whipped cream with lemon and toasted hazelnuts from Piemont.  RELIGIEUSE AU CAFÉ • Also another classic that you can find with a chocolate, coffee or even rose flavor. Christine Ferber’s Religieuse à la Rose is one of my favorite dessert but you have to visit her pâtisserie/general store in Alsace to get the chance to taste it!