How to make a rustic autumn wreath?


An easy autumn tutorial

Fall is definitely one of the most beautiful seasons. It is my favourite too as not only you can enjoy delicious food but you can also do many creative projects such as this one. 
Be inspired by this tutorial about how to make a beautiful and rustic autumn wreath and enjoy autumn foliage at home during this gorgeous season.

For this tutorial, you won’t need much actually. Go to the woods nearby and forage anything you can find or simply walk around your garden (just like I did) and try to spot useful branches or berries that could be of some use in your wreath.

Let’s see how to make a beautiful and rustic autumn wreath.

What you need

Metal wreath form
Floral wire
Jute twine
Garden snips
Beech branches
Oak branches
Viburnum branches
Rose hips


Step 1

Start by gathering all your branches and berries and try to make a small bouquet. Play with colour, height and volume but make it sure that it stays flat underneath as it will be fixed on the wreath. 

Step 2

Strongly attach everything together with jute twine and then cut the stems at the bottom. But do not cut them too short as they will be fixed to the structure. And you will not see them anyway as you will add another bouquet on top of those stems.


Step 3

Make many small bouquets. Do not worry, you will certainly need to make more than you’ve made, as once you start fixing them on the metal form, they will be quite tight. You can either make the same bouquet multiple times or choose to make different ones. Make sure you opt for the same autumn hues in order to have a consistent and beautiful colour palette.

Step 4

Use the floral wire to strongly fix the bouquets to the structure. Make sure the last bouquet is fixed in the opposite way so as to easily place the ribbon.  
DO NOT cut the wire but use it until you have fixed all the bouquets. Only then, you can cut the wire and attach it to the form. Add the velvet ribbon or go for a beautiful vintage silk. It is more visually interesting too if the ribbon is not too narrow (consider at least a 5 cm width).


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