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Mélodies Graphiques, a quaint antique stationery shop in Paris

An old-fashioned shop near the Seine river

A few months ago, during an evening stroll along the Seine, we took a slight detour into the Marais district. On the way, a beautifully lit store immediately caught our eye, as it stood out from the rest.

In the store window, old-style notebooks, posters depicting the color wheel or botanical insects were on display, along with writing and calligraphy sets, and vintage-style, colorful boxes of pencils that seemed to have come straight out of another era… The rich, elegant showcase featured a variety of stationery items that were so unique and intriguing, they made me want to have them on my desk at home. I also recognized some Italian notebook designs that I bought at the end of last year in Munich at the Radspieler store, and I was definitely won over. This is a far cry from the minimalist stationery brands so common in Paris, which are type-free with either minimalist, graphic motifs or vector illustrations. In other words, basic stationery that will never be considered a beautiful object in its own right. Mélodies Graphiques, on the other hand, has an authentic feel to it, as if these timeless, beautiful objects were handed down from generation to generation, and above all, it’s a place where you can rub shoulders with the beautiful (which is becoming increasingly rare).

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So I had to go back one day, and several months later I did. When you enter this rustic-style store, you discover a true Parisian stall, the likes of which you’d love to see more of. The man (with the charming Italian accent) who runs the store sells beautiful stationery such as notebooks, correspondence sets, stamps, old cards, original engravings, boxes… In short, you’re sure to find small, useful everyday objects that are delightful, inspiring and make you want to use them. The beautiful notebooks (some of which are made in France) can be used as inspiration or recipe books, and the correspondence sets can be used for a special occasion for a loved one, who will also appreciate beautiful things.

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During my visit, I chose large sheets of paper with floral or dominoté motifs, which I’ll use to create small decorations like paper stars, or to cover damaged notebooks or books. The paper stars are easy to make and can be used all year round – you can find the tutorial here if you’re interested. A large sheet costs around five euros, but if you’re feeling creative, you can easily find a use for them. Another example would be to cut them to size and use them as drawer bottoms (the sheets are quite large).

If you like beautiful things with character and timelessness, I strongly recommend a visit to this store – you’re sure to find some treasures you won’t easily find elsewhere.

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to discover this treasure, even though it’s been open since 1986 and is located in an area where I used to have a habit. Just goes to show, you always have to set out on a voyage of discovery and get off the beaten track to make some wonderful discoveries!

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Mélodies Graphiques • 10 rue du Pont Louis-Philippe, 75004 Paris