DIY: a bouquet of tulips in mauve tones

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Spring really begins when I see the first tulips appear in the garden beds. Even if the hellebores, daffodils and narcissi had bloomed a few weeks earlier, it’s the arrival of the tulips that’s the sign that spring is really here. Every autumn I plant new varieties, like this year’s Dream Touch and Wedding Bouquet, which will enable me to create a pretty bouquet of tulips every week. I wasn’t really expecting much, but when I saw the first flowers appear, I was immediately won over!
Not only are they as round and beautiful as peonies, but the Dream Touch variety is also very graphic, and is immediately the main flower in the bouquet. Like dahlias, tulips are beautiful flowers to use in floral arrangements, and have the advantage of keeping for a long time.

Given the dominant color in the garden this year, I’ve chosen to show you in just a few steps how to create this bouquet of tulips in shades of mauve.

The flowers
used for this bouquet

Apricot Parrot tulips
Dream Touch tulips
Pinkvision tulips
Wedding Bouquet tulips
Apple tree branches

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For this composition, I chose a tall, wide container, but I cheated a little. I placed a tall dish inside, filled with water to avoid damaging the vase and to keep the flowers inside.
You’ll also need a small chicken wire, which you can cut to the size you need (see next photo). And, of course, a good pair of secateurs.


Place the chicken wire mesh at the bottom of the dish so that it bulges slightly. You can secure it with florist’s tape, although this is not the case here.

Start by arranging the tulip varieties with the tallest stems in the vase in various positions.

Place tulips with a particular shape, such as curved or drooping, on the sides to create a pretty effect.


Now use the few poppy flowers, placing them randomly among the tulips.

Do the same with the apple branches, inserting them in the center and then on the sides, so that they protrude slightly. Also place a few shorter branches at the base of the tulips, near the ends, to fill in any gaps and hide the mesh if necessary.

If you’re lucky enough to have lilac in the garden, you can use that too. White chokecherry branches also work well for an airy effect, adding a touch of sweetness to your bouquet.


As you create the bouquet, turn the vase and stand back to place the flowers harmoniously.
I often use tulip foliage along the sides of the vase to create a pretty effect, but also to hide the wire mesh.

And that’s it! Now all you have to do is enjoy (and don’t forget to change the water in the flowers to extend their life).

This bouquet was created with the intention of using it as a centerpiece for an outdoor dinner party. The advantage of round tables is that one large bouquet is all you need to achieve a beautiful effect. It will also look great on a pedestal table by the fireplace or on a dining room table.

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