Les Fermes de Gally: a day at the farm shop

Une journée aux Fermes de Gally près de Paris

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There are a few nice escapes around Paris that are perfect if you want to leave the city for a day. 

I have heard about the Fermes de Gally for a few years now and got the opportunity to visit their pop-up shop at the Jardin fair in the Tuileries gardens. I fell in love with their little boutique there and decided that one day I would drive to one of their three locations outside Paris. 

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I like rusticity and authenticity, so learning  that the Fermes de Gally were founded back in 1746 was another huge point in their favour. And it is definitely a good reason to have a deeper look at what they do. 

They are farmers so you will mostly find produce and groceries there. They have all sorts of vegetables, fruits, canning, jams, accessories for the home like the ones you find only in rural general stores. Of course, it is quite a chic farm shop and café and you could compare it to Daylesford Farms (at a lower level though).

So last week, I took the day off to visit their location in Feucherolles near Versailles. Located in the quite dull Plaine de Versailles (you can only access it by car). The inside decor is really nice and cosy. There is a lot of wood paneling associated with antiques that help create an eye-catching and authentic atmosphere. The café is overcrowded but as we had made a reservation, we were quickly seated next to the fireplace. The whole place is really charming and all the tables have gingham tableclothes, which totally won me over. 

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The Fermes de Gally represent French rusticity at its best. The food is really simple (mostly dishes with potatoes or eggs) but the produce is of utmost quality and very good. I had a potato with crème Ciboulette (the delicious cream coming from Isigny, s’il vous plaît), an assiette de charcuterie and waffles with whipped, which all made for a phenomenal experience. 

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It is a nice place to go grocery shopping with your friends (although a bit far for me) and then rest at the café on a comfy sofa in front of the fireplace. I’ve seen on Instagram that they sell Christmas ornaments in winter. I inquired about this last November and I’m still waiting for an answer! Well, I do not hold grudges so as soon as I have the information I’ll let you know and will definitely have a look!  

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