A simple table inspired by La Fontaine Fables

Art de la Table : une simple table inspirée des fables de La Fontaine

I always feel that, when Autumn comes, my imagination starts thriving again. The season is so favorable to decorating the house and have theme-based dinner parties. It is the perfect moment to celebrate Autumn abundance and set enchanting tables. A few years ago, I found beautiful tableware from Gien inspired by Jean de La Fontaine fables.

I fell in love with the whole collection and immediately declared it would be perfect for an autumn party. After all, those subtle yet dark colours would certainly add cosyness to any kind of gathering. In France, La Fontaine fables are amongst the first « poetry » we learn by heart at primary school. The most famous ones being Le Corbeau et le renard, closely followed by La Cigale et la fourmi which have been so beautifully illustrated by Gien. The fables are fun, witty and every story has a moral at the end.

The nice thing with this tableware is that I do not need to overdecorate the table. This is the reason why I keep them in Paris, where it is more difficult for me to use huge branches and other foraged evergreens to make a statement table. Another reason is that when I invite friends or family over for dinner, I do not have time, after a long day at work, to set the table the way I would love to. And cooking takes time too!

Here, I wanted to create a bold table so I’ve used a dark red hemp tablecloth but, to say the truth, it would be even more beautiful on an old wood farm table – which I do not have in the city. In addition, you could also add one or two lanterns with candles as a centerpiece and it would be a nice alternative as well. I also always have a small stock of pine cones at home that I can easily stock and use when needed. The moral being – if you have a nice patterned tableware – do not overthink too much about the rest of your table decor. Focus on the food and the people you love, they will enjoy being with you anyway.

PS. None of my posts are sponsored. I just love the brands I’m using and want to share them with you. 

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