An outdoor Autumn table

Art de la Table : une table d'automne en plein air


You must know by now that, to me, if there is one season worth celebrating, it is Autumn. I start celebrating it on my own at the beginning of September. Unfortunately, no one is as keen as me in my family to say goodbye to summer. I even see a few eyebrows raised when I come down from the attic of our family country house with arms full of autumn garlands and other seasonal decor. After a few months of intense heat, it is a relief to observe the light slightly changing and see apples and pears appearing on market stalls. However, decorating the house for this much beloved season of mine really starts at the beginning of October.


It is only then that we start lighting the first fires, when we feel the welcomed morning cold while going to the boulangerie or le marché whether in Paris or in the countryside. However, the moment where I feel like Autumn is well-settled is when I go picking mushrooms in the forest. Walking through the woods and watching the leaves turn yellow or orange and walking on beds of leaves is a beautiful and relaxing experience. That is the season where everything feels truly alive.

My Mom was telling me the other day that she used to dislike autumn because of shorter days, lack of light and colder weather. But she is very fond of it now and enjoys its beauty because she takes time to see it (and she is hyperactive!). The fact that she is passionate about autumn foliage and spends the season planting numerous Japanese maple trees (my dad is kind enough to dig huge holes for her in the garden) really helps as well to enjoy its beauty. 

This year, we are having an Indian summer in France and the temperatures are higher than the average. I was in the Cotswolds for much of October and really hoped to come back and still be able to see the maples turn red, orange or yellow in the garden. Mother Nature heard my wish and, although, we are at in mid-November already, many trees are just now turning into their autumn colors.

An outdoor Autumn table

This warm weather was the reason why we chose to have an outdoor seasonal lunch and celebrate the harvest season. For the occasion, I have opted for Gien (one of my favorite French manufactures – the post is not sponsored) tableware and more precisely the Chanterelle line which I really love. I try to use those Chanterelle plates especially when I go for a mushroom based menu. It always has a petit effet on guests who find it quite amusing.

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