Celebrating the end of Summer with a country chic table setting

Célébrons la fin de l'été avec une table de campagne chic

When September comes, I feel like embracing Autumn right away and forgetting the past three months as if they had never happened. Even though Summer is still around, you can observe nature slightly changing: it gets darker sooner, the light is different and you suddenly start hoping for crisp Autumn air… Therefore, I wanted to celebrate the end of the warm season by setting one last table for my close relatives before la rentrée.

I wanted this « farewell until next year! » to be grand yet rustic and so, I opted for this table service, which represents to me the epitome of a chic Summer lunch al fresco. I fell in love right away with this beautiful and fresh floral pattern when I saw it antique shopping last year. And I knew I had to use it this Summer, the only inconvenience being, the service is only for four persons.

Be warned that I have a funny way of dressing tables. When I entertain, I have two ways of deciding what food will be served. I either chose the menu first, and then adapt my table setting, or (and it is more fun), I choose the service first and then, accordingly, will adapt the menu. Which is exactly what happened here. I had no choice but to have two entrées, one main dish and a dessert.

As this table setting was already quite quite rich visually, I’ve only added simple off-white flowers and cabbage-like serving dishes. It didn’t need anything else. I’ve also designed part of the menu (I love to have menus and keep them all as a reminder) to match the atmosphere as it is part of the pleasure of any lunch/dinner to know in advance what is going to be served. As strange as it may sound, I am the kind of person who checks the menu days in advance before going to the restaurant.  

I’ve also used different cutlery I own and in this case, it does not really matter if everything is not perfectly coordinated. Mixing them is more charming, authentic and feels more rustic too.

A light blue table runner was also put on the table but you can very well have placemats especially if you have a beautiful wooden table. I personally love to see the wood for a more countryside touch. 

As for the flowers, another option is to forage beautiful tall field flowers and greenery and create voluminous bouquets for a more dramatic effect. But be careful that people can see one another across the table!

The secret with dressing tables is, the more you try, the more you start noticing what looks good on a table. It will not always be perfect, but keep in mind that the most important thing is to enjoy the simple pleasures of life with your loved ones.

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