Dahlias: arranging a country style bouquet

DIY bouquet dahlias champêtre timbale-11

Arranging a bouquet with dahlias isn’t that complicated. I often use them as a starting point, choosing similar tones except here, where I’ve added more colorful varieties to make a bouquet in a mishmash style. Something very spontaneous and joyful, like a bouquet made on the kitchen table with freshly picked flowers.
For small bouquets, I like to play with volumes to create – almost – an imbalance. The overall effect must be sumptuous and voluptuous. In a bouquet, I like to see two things: light, airy flowers that emerge towards the light as if trying to escape from the bouquet, and elements (stems or flowers) that fall gracefully downwards in a rather graphic way. This creates a real dynamism and makes the arrangement much more interesting than a well-rounded bouquet.

Les fleurs
pour ce bouquet

Dahlia Café au Lait
Dahlia Château de la Bourdaisière
Dahlia Valentino
Dahlia Crème de Cassis
Dahlia Marée Blue
Dahlia Jaïpur
Anémones du japon roses et blanches

DIY bouquet dahlias champêtre timbale-06

I’ve tried to a create a very colorful bouquet, still-life style but cheerful and, eye-catching. One that you can decorate your house with, putting it on a pedestal table in a hallway. I used lots of varieties of dahlias for this one and didn’t hesitate to combine different colors to celebrate the end of summer. The vase is an old timbale, which adds a touch of the past to make this a timeless bouquet. I love the fact that it looks a little bit different depending on which side you are looking at. And as you can see, I’m not always drawn to traditional vases, I’d sometimes rather have fun with what I’ve got, which is much more charming!

DIY bouquet dahlias champêtre timbale-09
DIY bouquet dahlias champêtre timbale-02

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