How to set a French vintage autumn table?

table d'automne vintage fall rustic decor French style

This autumn has reinforced a strong and already well-established need for authenticity. It has allowed us to devote ourselves perhaps more to life at home, to our interior, and has offered us the possibility of settling down and taking the time to do certain things that had been put on the back burner: cooking better, reading, arranging our interior, setting a vintage autumn table presented here, taking the time to chat with loved ones and inviting friends over for a cosy dinner around an autumn table…

There’s nothing like enjoying the outdoors in autumn for those lucky enough to be out of town. Walking in the surrounding countryside, in the forest or even touring the village allows you to linger over things you hadn’t taken the time to see before. Discover new paths, pick up some natural decorations to brighten up the house as foliage found in the woods or making wreaths to enjoy at home… and let’s not forget that autumn is also the season to go mushroom picking! 

table d'automne rustique recette soupe potimarron fall decor recipe
table d'automne vintage French vintage tablescape autumn fall

A rustic, authentic autumn table with a French vintage feel

At the moment, I’m devoting time to recreating different atmospheres at home, in particular with autumnal tables featuring a variety of themes. My wish is to break the routine of this narrow daily routine that can quickly settle in and sometimes suffocate us.

One of the reasons I set up this rustic autumn table was precisely this desire for authenticity and rusticity that I feel every autumn, and even more so this one. A desire to have lunch in a simple, comforting atmosphere. I’d also long been curious about pairing orange hues with this vintage blue tableware, as the tones work perfectly together and I’d never tried such a combination before.

table d'automne vintage recette soupe potimarron fall decor recipe

As for the pumpkins and other table decorations, I’ve already used them for my farmhouse buffet table. And since we like to eat our decorations at home, it was the perfect time to serve a very gourmet pumpkin soup as a starter! You can find the recipe here. This soup can stand on its own if you serve it generously, but in that case I’d advise you to cut up some nice slices of cornbread. With some good semi-salted butter, it’s an ideal dish.

As is often the case, this table was decorated by accumulating elements, reinforcing the authentic look by highlighting the antique wooden table, the bark candle holders and a few seasonal branches found in the garden. The tones remain autumnal and the ensemble is enhanced by the orange-checkered napkins. It’s very much in the rustic, old-fashioned spirit, and goes well with the rest. These napkins are among my favorite table accessories and instantly set the tone for this very country style. To create a table setting in this spirit, take inspiration from a cabin lunch in the woods: just imagine the log walls, the oak floor and you’re there!

table d'automne vintage French vintage tablescape autumn fall
table d'automne rustique French vintage tablescape autumn fall

Character and nostalgia

This rustic autumn table has it all: it’s got character, it’s easy to recreate, and it’s almost got a reassuringly nostalgic feel, accentuated by tasty comfort food. And it’s comfort that we’re craving at the moment, so recreate the atmosphere in your own home, even if it’s just a small gathering – or just you. Do yourself a favor by decorating your home with these tips: change the position of your furniture, swap lamps or lampshades… I often do this, and it’s a great little boost to both decor and morale. That’s what I did for my French cosy autumn tea party, for example, by placing a round table in front of the fireplace for a different experience.

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