What’s en Vogue in Paris this Summer

Les tendances de cet été à Paris

I have two favorite seasons. Fall and winter. So when Spring arrives, it is always a bit difficult for me to adjust. Of course I crave for long evenings and beautiful flowers but I also dread the unbearable heat and Parisians out on the streets. Because, as soon as there is a ray of sunshine, Parisians are seen everywhere and there are… well, many of them. It is exactly as if they had hibernated all winter and word of mouth had spread that the weather was finally heating up. 
But the nice thing with those sunny seasons, is the rise of color in everything you see: from clothes to market stalls, everything seems to come to life. And that is the greatest thing. 

David Hockney once said « I prefer living in color ». And although Fall has this exuberance of color much more suited to my character, I have to say that all those bright colors (pink, coral, orange, blue, yellow!…) have a charm of their own too. They give you a lot of energy and are extremely appealing to the eye. 

Another lovely characteristic of warmer seasons is the use of simple natural elements everywhere: in interior design, in fashion, even in cuisine. From baskets and cabas, to linens, lamps or even bowls of fresh strawberries/raspberries, everything seems more authentic, tasteful, and obvious.

I’ve been wandering one weekend around my favourite place and spotted a few interesting things that are currently en vogue in Paris. They represent à la perfection Summer à la française with bright colors, natural materials make you want to dive into Summer!


1. Anything with straw: bags (cabas as well call them in France), purses, hats, shoes…

2. Simple sandals in elegant colors

3. Flowery dresses in pastel shades

4. Straw lighting (outdoor? indoor? I’m still trying to find out…)

5. Celebrating Summer with outdoor activities: picnics, lunches and dinners…

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