The best French flower show

Saint-Jean-de-Beauregard ou la plus belle Fête des Plantes

Last Autumn, I wrote a post about the Saint-Jean-de-Beauregard flower show here. I couldn’t help but write about this Spring edition too. I usually go to every plant and flower show that I can find around Paris, and I have been going to this one for ages (and twice a year). It is, to me, the best flower show you can find in France.  Located in the gardens of  a beautiful XVIIth century castle, this Fête des Plantes is the place to go if you are looking for gorgeous (or rare) plants and flowers. 
Let’s have a tour.

The stables

I love all those stands in the stables: from Barbour to Italian linens you will find beautiful things for your home. And let’s not forget about the artisan made French rugs with floral or garden patterns which are a real treat for the eyes (and your home)!

Kew pots

It is only their second appearance at Saint-Jean-de-Beauregard and I can already tell you that I’ve spent a few euros there. They are classic, rustic but chic and very British. Everything I love! They are a good reason to buy some flowers or herbs too.
And with a bit of imagination, they can really add something special to your home.  


Twice a year, several plants and flowers are selected by a designed committee and awarded a Prix du Mérite, which is a distinguished award in the French gardening world. It is always interesting to check what plants have been selected as the committee usually chooses rare or really special varieties. So please, do not miss them! They are on display just in front of the château.

Buying plants & other things

Buying plants, flowers and herbs is usually a pretty good reason for coming to Saint-Jean. But it should not be the only one. Even if you are not a hard core gardener, I can assure you that you will enjoy this Fête. It starts on Friday through Sunday and it is the perfect opportunity to just walk around, have a look at all those beautiful stands, sit down a bit and admire the castle, visit the kitchen garden (open to the public) and even have a picnic in the beautiful park under the apple trees. 


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