Tutorial • How to arrange a pretty Spring bouquet?

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For Easter, I wanted to create bouquets of different sizes in colorful pastel tones to decorate the Easter table. In general, I mainly use flower branches that I find in the garden (or in the surrounding meadows or forests), but it’s too early in the season for some flowers, so I took a short trip to the florist to find what I was missing. I really like to place small floral arrangements on the table using different containers I have on hand. I’ve used here a Kew Botanic Gardens pot, another one I recently found at a plant festival, and small glass vases that allow me to create mini bouquets. So let’s see how to arrange a pretty Spring bouquet.

If you want to see what the Easter table looks like with these floral arrangements, click here.

used for these bouquets

Pink buttercups
White buttercups
Salmon florist carnations
Narcissus Cheerfulness
Narcissus Thalia
Narcissus Bridal Crown
Field flowers

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Choose a nice container – it doesn’t have to be a vase. Then, place a small jar filled with water inside the container (I like using jam jars). Ideally, the jar should be adapted to the type of bouquet you want. For example, here, I had to change the glass jar inside the container because it was too wide and I had trouble placing the flowers.


Cut the stems at an angle but not too short. It is better to cut them a little longer and change their height later according to their placement. Start by adding the flowers you consider « important » and that you want to enhance in the bouquet. For this one, I chose buttercups and narcissus (Cheerfulness) to which I will gradually add other flowers (florist carnations, other varieties of narcissus, hellebores and a few pink wildflowers) and branches found in the garden.

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At this stage, you can add more filler flowers to complete the bouquet for a country style and bucolic effect. These flowers can protrude from the bouquet to bring an aerial side and nicely break the round structure.
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I also really like to use flower buds that have not yet hatched. The effect is delightful especially when they fall to the side and follow their natural line (this can be seen with buttercups that often have curved stems).

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Do not hesitate to use the flowers you have left in smaller bouquets that can be used to fill in the space when you set the table. You can also use the mini bouquets as a decor on the kitchen table or on a bedside table, for example.

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