Where to find the best hydrangeas in France

Où se procurer les plus beaux hydrangeas de France

Hydrangeas should be mandatory in every garden. They are beautiful, easy to grow and look really fabulous in little bouquets scattered around the house. I love them so much I even put them on my birthday cake as decor! We are very fond of landscaping in my family and we have a few good bonnes adresses when it relates to plant nurseries.  Every small space left in the garden is a good excuse for an expedition to fetch the nicest (and rarest) varieties of plants we can find. And there is one place that I would really recommend if you are fond of hydrangeas.

Les Hortensias du Haut-Bois is certainly the best place to go. Held by a young couple they are specialized in growing hydrangeas in large fields in the middle of Brittany and only forty minutes away from the Atlantic. The nursery is simply exquisite and really worth the visit. The last time we visited we bought a variety called Merveille Sanguine (photo above) which is stunning as it turns into a dark burgundy red in Autumn. 

If Brittany is too far for you to reach by car (it is a beautiful region to visit though), you can still buy Haut Bois varieties when they attend Plant and Flower shows around Paris. Usually, they can be found in Chantilly, Saint-Jean-de-Beauregard (twice a year) and Chaalis.

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