Learn how to make beautiful bouquets in Paris

Art floral : où apprendre à faire de beaux bouquets à Paris

Flowers are such essential elements of my life. They bring me so much joy and I love them scattered around the house in small bouquets of different shapes and colours. And last year, I decided that I wanted to learn how to make nice bouquets. I was lucky to find a Parisian florist who also offered floral design workshops in the evenings. From her website, I immediately knew that it would be the perfect place to learn, as it seemed we shared the same aesthetic.

And it was a wonderful experience. 

First, you get the lesson from the master herself, a lovely lady with a lot of natural class, Clarisse. She’s the owner of the boutique, which she named Vertumne in honor of the God Protector of Gardens. I have to say that the place itself is incredible. Of course, it is very well located, a few steps away from the chicest street in Paris, rue Saint-Honoré. But good location is not enough. When you push the rustic green doors, it feels like you step into a poetic, dreamlike world. The walls are painted blue with clouds, the ceilings are decorated with crowns of evergreens and the choice of flowers is simply incredible. This is a place where good taste meets utmost quality.

Clarisse is a charming person and you can hear she is passionate about her job when she talks about it. The workshops are designed to last 1.5 to 2 hours with only a few people attending, so that Clarisse can help everybody and chat a little bit about her passion, her boutique and the new trends in floral design. Each monthly workshop has a different theme and the flowers are selected carefully by Clarisse and her team. I’ve attended several workshops at Vertumne since then and each time the experience was truly enchanting. Not to mention that you take home the bouquet you’ve made. 

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The first workshop I’ve attended was Sakura in February and you can find my post here. I went back several times to attend other wonderful workshops at Vertumne. The nice thing is that they are held at the end of the week and start at 6:00 pm (which is a bit early for me though because it is difficult to leave work so early). Attending a workshop in this charming little place can also be  an original gift idea for those who love flowers and are interested in making their own bouquet. 

Maison Vertumne, 12 rue de la Sourdière, Paris 1er

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