DIY: small dahlia bouquets in shades of white

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Over the years, I’ve planted a lot of dahlias, because they’re beautiful flowers with so many advantages. They come in such a variety of shapes, sizes and colors that it’s hard to choose which ones to plant in the spring. One of their main qualities, apart from their beauty, is that they bloom for a really long time in the garden (from mid-July to early October in our case). And another point not to be overlooked is that they hold up very well in bouquets. Like hydrangeas, they’re one of my favorite flowers, and I take great pleasure in creating such different bouquets. It’s a great way to exploit your creativity!

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We recently organized a small dinner party at our home, the theme of which was Italy. You can find some ideas on how to set a table on this theme here, as well as the gourmet recipe for the Italian salad we served here.
Returning to these little bouquets of dahlias in white tones, the idea was to decorate the table in keeping with its rustic feel and the soft tones of the Italian tableware (blue and white). We wanted to remain neutral and discreet, since the visually rich, gourmet salad already provided plenty of contrast and color.
With these bouquets, we try to recreate softness, lightness and a certain movement by following the natural shape of the flowers. Choose small vases and try to create several small ensembles with main flowers such as dahlias, astilbes and veronicas. Simply complete the arrangements with the other flowers on the list below, and you’ll have delightful little country bouquets.

The flowers used for this bouquet

Shiloh Noelle Dahlia
Café au Lait Dahlia
White Agapanthus
Wild Carrots
Annabelle Hydrangea
White Altroemeria
Veronica spicata
Leucanthemum « Shapcott Gossamer » (from this nursery)

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dresser une table italienne how to set an italian table

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