Floral arrangement: a Sakura theme

Art floral : Sakura


I’ve already told you here about my wonderful floral arrangement experience at Vertumne, the very chic Parisian florist. And I’m sure you’d love to know more about it! 

So let’s get back to the beginning. I love exploring Paris when I have free time. And one day, after coming back from work, I wandered down a little street close to the famous rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré and stopped in awe at the front of a beautiful green façade. It was a florist shop named Vertumne and this boutique was the most charming one I’ve seen in Paris in a very long time. I checked to see if they were offering bouquet-making workshops, and to my delight, they were! So, I enrolled myself in a few ateliers…


At my very first workshop at Vertumne, there were no cherry blossoms yet. The owner, Clarisse, had selected peach blossoms for the arangements instead, which turned out to be a great option. Clarisse taught us how to make a bouquet, how to turn it in your hand while adding flowers and foliage piece by piece at the same time. It is not easy and quite heavy when you make a bouquet that is so tall. We added pink roses, scabiosa, sweet peas and a few branches to keep the Sakura theme. I can tell you I was quite proud to walk on rue Saint-Honoré after the workshop with my huge bouquet (half my size). It was really amusing when people stopped me to ask where I bought it! I did not tell them I made it and had a lot of help…


This was a really nice experience and Vertumne is such a lovely place to visit even if you just want to buy a small bouquet of flowers. The boutique is gorgeous (my mom fell in love with it and decided to paint the staircase of her country house in the very same green as the façade!). What adds to the experience is Clarisse, who is like a soul-mate that truly loves flowers and tells you about them in such a poetic way. I’m sure Anne Shirley would have loved the experience too!

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