How to make a natural decor for your Christmas table?

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To decorate your holiday tables or simply add a touch of natural Christmas decor to your home, I’m sharing with you this little tutorial that was strongly inspired by a recent visit to England.

It’s an easy-to-make decoration that instantly beautifies your home with natural, colorful elements reminiscent of an authentic, old-fashioned Christmas. If you don’t have this type of candleholders at home, you can replace them with antique candleholders, which will also look very pretty.

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What you need

Rosehips (fruit of rose bushes)
Crab apples (Malus Everest)
Shrub stems
Candles in a pretty colour

Step 1

Place the moss all around the inside of the candleholder, leaving the hole free for your candle. Fill the cup well – it’s okay if the moss falls back a little – it will accentuate the authentic look.

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Step 2

Insert small stems you’ve found on a shrub – jasmine or ivy, for example. You can also choose to insert tiny fir branches.

Step 3

Cut your rosehips into small groups of two or three fruits, then prick them vertically into the moss. There are many different varieties, and I like the red ones for my Christmas decorations. These have a more elongated shape, which makes them original in this little composition.

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Step 4

I add a few small crab apples because they make a very pretty decoration. I use them a lot to set off cakes, especially Kouglof or Bundt cakes, but they’re also perfect in small decorations like this one.

Step 5

Place your candle in the cup, and make sure you choose different colors (while keeping to the same tones). The accumulation of different-sized bowls will look great, and you’ll be able to keep this natural Christmas decoration in your home for several days.

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separateur feuilles

These natural arrangement enabled me to decorate a mushroom-themed Christmas table, giving a certain rhythm to the centerpiece, composed of fabric garlands, fir branches and ornaments. You can see how they look in this article.

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