How to set an abundant Autumn table

Art de la Table : comment dresser une table d'automne rustique


Woods and forests are very inspiring for a lot of us. How many writers have written about woodland… How many painters and illustrators are using it in a creative and enchanting way… And it is also my favorite theme when I invite people at home in the countryside. You can play with so many elements that can be easily found: branches, pine cones, fruit and vegetables…
And there are no better seasons than autumn and winter to take time for yourself. Even if, it is ironically such a busy time of year for me too. However, I try to wake up early and walk off the beaten tracks, relax and listen to this wonderful hidden life out there. And when I’m exploring the woods nearby, why not forage a few evergreens at the same time such as oak branches and moss?


Autumn is also the perfect time of year to set a table with a strong colour palette. I like to make the table very visual and bold, play with textures, layers and many varieties of pumpkins. I also have special dishware with reindeers and lovely rustic napkins with woodland animals in different warm colours and patterns. I also use candles (my favorite at this time of year are green and black – although I’ve only used green ones here as they match the two layered tableclothes). I like to use multiple items too: for instance, I will put many candles of different sizes on the table as they make the whole atmosphere feel more cosy and authentic.

Also put together multiple branches in vases of various sizes. Or, in that case, use different pumpkins as they are seasonal vegetables and so representative of the autumn. In other words, make a statement. The key is to mix things on the table but with one main focus: hydrangeas, apples, pears, pumpkins, grapes, etc. so as to play with Autumn abundance that will be appear to be very charming for your guests.

An abundant Autumn table

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