A summer table celebrating Dior roses (and toile de Jouy)

table estivale toile de jouy roses dior-01

My first « encounter » with « Dior » roses was during an autumn walk in the grounds of the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte a few years ago. I was amazed to see roses still blooming at this time of year, and it was this intriguing detail that first caught my eye. As I took a closer look at this variety of rose, I noticed its particular color, a milky white tending slightly towards pink, and its rather extraordinary fragrance. The real name of this variety is « Jardin de Granville » (in reference to Christian Dior’s Normandy garden in Granville), and they are cultivated by the famous French rose grower André Eve. It’s an elegant bush rose that produces generous, fragrant flowers that hold well in bouquets and would therefore be perfect for a summer table. A voluptuous, chic organic rose, it has been selected by the House of Dior for some of its cosmetics – hence the nickname « Dior » rose.

table estivale toile de jouy roses dior summer table
table estivale toile de jouy roses dior-16

A few months after my visit to the park at Vaux-le-Vicomte, we ordered several rose bushes from André Eve and planted them close to the house to create a small rose garden. These flowers are so gorgeous that it was impossible not to make them the main theme of a summer table. Last year, I staged a table in the « roses from the garden » style, which you can find here, and this year I wanted to showcase just this variety.

A poetic summer table

To sublimate the Dior roses, a soft ambience in pastel tones was needed, enhanced by a few stronger notes, known as accent colors.

To maintain a certain continuity with the Dior house codes, I chose a tablecloth with a blue Toile de Jouy pattern. I found the fabric in a pretty haberdashery and simply hemmed it to create a tablecloth (I recommend that you wash all your fabrics cold before using them, as they can shrink in the wash). The Toile de Jouy pattern gives movement to this table and I like to contrast it with the graphic side of these plates, which have a modern edge. We’re staying with the same shades with this combination of pink and blue, which gives the ensemble coherence and elegance.

table estivale toile de jouy roses dior-15
table estivale toile de jouy roses dior-19
table estivale toile de jouy roses dior-23

I like to place a few strong colors or patterns, and create contrast with textures, whether on plates or tableware, or with glasses and candleholders. The latter, in fact, provide that accent color with a rather pronounced blue that gives character and another dimension to the table. Different shades of blue are present on this table, bringing harmony and softness to this summery atmosphere.

table estivale toile de jouy roses dior summer table Gien
table estivale toile de jouy roses dior-32
table estivale toile de jouy roses dior summer table Gien

As always, to create a visually interesting table, you need to create different heights, helping the eye to find a visual hierarchy with different candleholders, but also with vases. Apart from the main vase used as a centerpiece, the small bouquets arranged on the table are set in stemmed glasses of different heights. When preparing the bouquets, I’ve sometimes cut a stem much too short without paying attention. In this case, don’t throw the flower away, but place it in a candleholder, as shown here, or cut off other heads and place them in a wide bowl with a little water for a lily pad effect.

table estivale toile de jouy roses dior summer table al fresco

Although Jardin de Granville roses are the main theme of this table, there’s nothing original about using them in floral arrangements or small bouquets, as shown here. For once, it’s not the flowers that enhance the table, but rather the opposite: it’s the table setting that highlights the simplicity and refinement of Dior roses.

It’s a rather elegant table, reserved for special moments. A summer table set for a beautiful evening. My next table settings will be dedicated to a more rustic, airy and bucolic style.

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