Tablescape: setting an early Spring rustic table

Art de la Table : une table rustique annonçant le début du printemps

table setting rustic spring flower plates top

At the beginning of Spring, I crave simplicity. The months of November through March have been full of opulent food and celebrations, and with Spring coming, I just want to enjoy this time when trees are turning lush and flowers are blossoming.

In French, we have an expression that embodies this concept. We talk about « petits plaisirs » which means that we enjoy life’s small pleasures. 

table setting rustic spring flower plates
magnolia tree

And there are so many: having a croissant just out of the oven or a delicious Breton butter spread on a baguette, going to the market and spotting the first asparagus of the season and deciding to host a meal for friends and family.

I would add another « petit plaisir » which is setting a lovely table for your guests no matter who they are (even if you see them on a daily basis) or what the occasion is. One should live life at its fullest, so why not enjoy a beautiful table (almost) every day? And, the more you try setting pretty tables, you’ll come to realize that it is not very complicated. 

So let’s try to bring a touch of Spring at home!

magnolia tree
glassware table setting flowers
tutorial table setting French style

1. Pick a strong element referring to the season. For this table, I’ve chosen vintage French plates with a rustic feel and a floral theme. Perfect for Spring!

2. Choose flowers and vases to put on the table. I have two vases here: one with hellebores (at the end of March they are the only nice flowers I find in the garden) and one with dried flowers.

3. Pick the linens so that they match the plates well. You can go neutral or mix patterns between the tablecloth and the plates for a creative table. I’ve chosen not to add a tablecloth as the wood table is just beautiful by itself and I wanted to have an authentic, country farm feel. 

4. Add water and wine glasses and vintage cutlery 

5. Add some serving dishes that contrast a little with the plates. I’m using small Italian ceramics. 

table setting rustic spring flower plates

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