How to set a charming Spring table

Une charmante table de Printemps


It looks like spring is in the air. Flowers are blossoming, the weather is warmer and birds are singing while making their nests. It is the perfect time for an ode to nature.

And what better way to do it than to pick flowers in the garden or fields nearby and dress the table with pretty flowery plates?


The first flowers of the season are already out and all I want to do is take my little basket and my pruning shear to make a whole bunch of small bouquets. 

I also love taking time to walk around the village, look at others’ gardens and watch what grows there. Even though the French are not half as good as the Brits when it comes to gardening, you can still spot a few interesting plant varieties when wandering around. And I love talking to people about their garden: they always have something to show you or teach you.

Spring is therefore very exciting. It makes us want to go out, do things, and have plenty of projects… In the spring, I love inviting people over, setting tables and cooking! After the cold months of January and February (even though I love them too), I just need to see flowers everywhere: in vases, on plates, on wallpaper… It is like a breath of fresh air and a true burst of color to the eyes and the soul. Speaking of crockery, it is funny how one has his or her own rituals. Mine is to use those plates shown here in spring. It is the only time of year when I have them out. But I know it’s time for a change!

For this table setting, I wanted it to look like a herbarium: wild flowers, freshly picked and laid randomly on the table and hellebores gathered in a jug as a centerpiece. I’ve added a few hyacinth flowers, as well as garden tools at the end of the table. To add even more color, I’ve picked two shades of pink candles, which add more contrast and brightness to the table. And I’ve also played with two different colors of napkins to add a little more depth. 


I know we are actually living a difficult situation, being that most of us are confined to our home, and I hope this post will give you a little cheer and will make you want to enjoy life even more when we get through it.


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