Avec la fin de l'été, les dahlias nous enchantent encore au jardin. Alors profitons-en pour dresser une jolie table de caractère avec des dahlias.
L'été touche à sa fin mais nous permet encore de profiter des magnifiques dahlias. Découvrez comment réaliser une fastueuse couronne de dahlias.
Be inspired by this tutorial about how to make a beautiful and rustic autumn wreath and enjoy autumn foliage at home during this gorgeous season.
Sometimes I feel like a grandmother. While my friends like enjoying Parisian life on the weekend, I prefer spending time in the French countryside and visiting wonderful Plant and Flower shows. Like Saint-Jean de Beauregard.
Inspirons-nous de l'Italie pour dresser une table al fresco. Jouez avec les fruits et légumes pour un décor délicieux et impressionnez vos invités.
How to celebrate the end of the Summer season with a chic French country table.
Roses from the garden were my inspiration for this romantic and bucolic tablescape. Learn in this post how to do set this table.
Discover one of my favourite French castles.
Bring poetry inside your home with this charming and bucolic tablescape inspired by French country living. An ode to Nature enhancing French art de la table.
When you mention Marie-Antoinette, it instantly brings an aura of French romantism which is the theme of this floral arrangement.
It looks like Spring is in the air. Flowers are blossoming, the weather is warmer and birds are making their nest. It is the perfect time for an ode to nature.

Un romantique dîner français Just before being confined in Paris, we spent our last weekend in the countryside as usual. Little did we know, we would not be allowed to come back! When I think of the potager and all the plants we bought and planted… On this beautiful last weekend we were enjoying the […]

A flower arrangement workshop at a chic French flowershop. A beautiful experience with one of the best Parisian florists.
I have a special relationship with the château de Chantilly. I spend a lot of time walking in its beautiful gardens whether in the middle of winter or at Chantilly plant fair. A true out of time experience.
After a busy December, it is time to rest and appreciate the simplicity of the winter season with an effortless table setting.
This is a delicious recipe my Mom makes right after we go mushroom-picking in Autumn.
How to celebrate Autumn with an abundant table setting and make your guests cosy at home.
How to celebrate the end of the Summer season with a chic French country table.