February is probably the dullest month of the year and we all crave for colour at this time of year. So why not set a simple and colourful winter table?
And just when you thought you could never eat again after the holidays… you realize that, well, the festivities are not yet over as we often we forget that two more events are coming up.
We all have our very own Christmas traditions. In France, ours typically start at the end of November as we embrace the season quite early in our family. It is a way for us to get in the Christmas spirit and it is also a nice opportunity to get inspired...
A little sneak peek of Parisian Christmas window displays and where to shop for ornaments in Paris.
Autumn has always been the most enchanting season to me and the one that provides the best DIY activities indoor and outdoor. You can cook fabulous meals too with the abundance of fruits and vegetables. There is no doubt as to why so many cultures celebrate the harvest season.
There is a region in France that represents the best things we have all other the country: good food, good wine, and lovely houses... and which is the perfect getaway at this time of year.
There is no season like Autumn. Even though I love Winter and the whole Christmas season, I feel like you can express your creativity more during the season of mists. There are plenty of DIY projects you can do such as beautiful wreaths and garlands that give a cosy feeling to the house. And setting a beautiful table for your Autumn feast is a nice way to welcome the season...
During the summer months and on the weekends, everybody gathers in our family country house. We are all very close and we love spending a lot of time together (we quarrel too). It is like an Italian version of a French family. We like to eat well and so we usually set a big table outside under the tall cedar tree.

INTERESTING THINGS TO SEE AND DO LES PLANCHES DE DEAUVILLE One of the most famous promenade in France. Located just in front of the seaside, the boardwalk is made of wood and was built in 1923.Each beach cabin is named after a famous american actor – a tradition inherited by the American Film Festival taking […]

TARTE À LA FRAMBOISE • A true classic best with seasonal fruits. OPÉRA • A favorite of mine. It has a very strong coffee flavor, buttercream, rum and a delicious dark chocolate topping. TARTE AU CITRON MERINGUÉE • Perfect cake with lemon curd and a crispy meringue topping. Eat this cake when it is really hot outside but […]

There is a place I love to seek inspiration in Paris like no other. It’s not just about the shopping experience or discovering new trends (do we really need a department store for that these days?). This place is about quality, curiosity and a careful selection of beautiful objects curated with two notions in mind: […]